Man Can’t Live On Salad Alone

“So what do you eat?”, “Where do you get your Protein?”, “You just eat salad?”, “What about fish and chicken?”, “But meat taste so good, how can you not eat it?”, “So, are you still on that no meat thing?”, “You don’t trust God?”, “God gave us dominion over the animals.”, “Plants are alive too.”, “I have to eat my meat.” Then there’s my favorite, “But bacon?”, followed by a look somewhere in between confusion and mild astonishment.
My name is Tiffany and I’m a Vegetarian. I should adopt this as my introduction like I’m at a standing AA meeting. Anytime food comes up, this Vegetarians Anonymous intervention erupts. These are just some of the reactions I get towards my eating habits.

People are very passionate about food and are very sensitive when it comes to meat. I get it. Sunday dinner in Louisiana is like a Brazilian steakhouse. Just an obscene amount of meat cuts and plenty of sides which typically have smoked meat or shrimp in it. Who would want to interrupt such a feast. I get it because I lived it. That’s why the vegetarian and vegan dishes I create are so delicious. I’m not missing anything.

Going vegan does not mean giving up on all the delicious foods you grew up eating. This does not mean the end of all the tasty treats that bring you comfort when you feel down. It’s more so substituting the meat products for plant based foods. There’s so much more out there than the four animals they put on market shelves. Don’t be intimidated. Essentially you will not starve because you dont have shrimp on your pasta. Sautéed spinach mushrooms and peppers have plenty nutritional value.

Throughout this blog I intend cover how to cook plant based while diversifying your meal plan, implementing natural hygiene methods, gardening tips, holistic techniques and fun fitness activities.

It’s about a healthier lifestyle and I’m excited for you to be part of this journey and answer any questions you have.

-Tiffany Love

Polish Your Silver!

My kids require the lions share of time and attention in our home.  They need help and guidance from my husband and I.  They are involved in two extra-curricular activities each, and unfortunately can’t drive.  The Hubby and I are active volunteers for their school and chair several organizations within the school.  On top of that, Hubby works 40+ hours a week and I take care of our home, daily affairs, Kinda Krafty LLC, and…

"Polish Your Silver!"